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We are a Singapore based pan asian fund.  We are a fully MAS regulated privatee quity fund and we are one of the first PE fund to appoint ad independent valuation chairman.  


At Houghton Street Partners, we pride ourselves as being one of the first private equity funds in Asia with an integrated philanthropy programme, where we actively play a real and committed role in philanthropy. We hold philanthropy as a core value at the heart of our corporate culture and ethos. This is evident in our hiring policies where we not only look for the best and brightest, but those with a genuine interest and unusual level of commitment to our philanthropic mission.


Houghton Street Partners works with recipient organisations to pioneer unique and innovative solutions including sustainable funding structures to meet ongoing and future operational needs. Our philanthropic mission in working with recipient organisations is guided by the following principles:



First, we seek to develop sustainable funding solutions to meet the immediate and long-term needs of recipient organisations. In order to ensure fiscal responsibility, we then establish long-term relationships and systems of accountability, for example, by setting performance milestones, monitoring financial efficiency and outcome efficacy of donations, and improving and adjusting allocation of expenses. Finally, we will also leverage our professional network to raise awareness and exposure to a broader donor base.