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At Houghton Street Partners, we take research very seriously and take a different approach from other PE houses partly because the key principals of Houghton Street started their careers in research intensive environments such as leading universities including LSE, Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford Research Institute, MIT and Harvard. Today, we use research to help our investors examine important questions such as whether a percentage IRR gain in US equities is equal to a percentage IRR in Asia private equity, and which Asian private equity funds demonstrate persistency after aligning Preqin-based cashflows to stock market driven cashflows.  We also use research to find out which economies are the most vulnerable in Asia and which are most susceptible to currency attacks, providing us with clues on how to construct a private equity investment portfolio in otherwise macroeconomically sensitive countries. In trying to find the best investments in Asia for our investors, we carry out extensive bottom up research on an independently and privately integrated database of over 5,000 private companies in our target countries out of a possible pool of 18,000 companies.