Creative & Tomorrow Dream

About. Creative & Tomorrow Dream Co., Ltd. (“CTD”) is a cosmetics original design manufacturing (ODM) company founded n in 2009. CTD is led by a strong and creative team, including Matthew Ahn, the CEO and CTO, and Andy Jeong, the CFO. Matthew has 26 years of experience in cosmetics R&D, while Andy has 26 years of experience in the finance industry and brings his operational and financial expertise to CTD. CTD is experiencing rapid growth and is in a strong position to be a global leader in cosmetics.


Investment Highlights

  • Among the top 20 ODMs in the cosmetics industry, and among the top 5 firms in terms of SKUs of proprietary cosmetics formulas

  • Produces 50m units a year, including killer products with the potential for large orders, such as its "Lifting Cream"

  • Recently launched its own brand, Lovluv, which is promoted by popular Korean boy band Astro

  • Expanding into Beijing and Chongqing as part of a JV, and is pursuing export opportunities in Malaysia, Italy, Singapore and Thailand

  • At an inflection point, with growth rates expected to increase from 36% to 66% until 2020




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