About. Viswire Pte Ltd (“Viswire”) is a Singapore-based company specialising in the development of visualisation and simulation applications. Viswire’s simulations fill a crucial gap in the availability of training for professionals in sectors such as shipping and medicine - a gap that leads to poorly-trained or a shortage of crucial staff. Viswire addresses this with its customised simulations that are capable of presenting trainees with a comprehensive range of realistic and challenging scenarios.


Investment Highlights

  • Strong demand for realistic training simulations to address critical shortage of adequately-trained professionals

  • Versatile product: common software core easily adaptable to different industries, allowing Viswire to nimbly enter new sectors

  • Lean and young firm that enjoys unparalleled cost advantages in product development

  • Existing partnerships with industry leaders in the marine, medical and logistics sectors, tapping their distribution networks in multiple markets e.g. Singapore, India, Korea, US




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