Houghton Street Partners is a dedicated Buyout Fund focusing on mid-sized businesses in Southeast Asia, South Korea, and opportunistically in Japan, Australia and Greater China. We are one of the most experienced private equity teams in Asia with an unbroken 24 years of continuous private equity track record.


Our team members helped pioneer negative control investments in Asia since 1991 and large classical leveraged buyouts in Asia during the Asian Financial Crisis since 2000. Houghton Street Partners team members are at the forefront of buyout innovations in Asia and led the first public-to-private leveraged buyout by a financial sponsor in Singapore and Southeast Asia, the first pre-packaged leveraged buyout in South Korea and one of the first telecom towers investments in Asia.


Today, we make investment decisions with the benefit of the hindsight, experience and intuition forged through disciplined control-oriented investing through five cycles of economic crises over the last two decades. Our intimate knowledge of Asia buyouts and proven track record of superior returns with minimum variance have earned us the trust and respect of sophisticated global investors including family offices, university endowments, pension funds and financial institutions.


Houghton Street Partners is always looking ahead and we are proud to be one of the first private equity funds in Asia to adopt an integrated philanthropy programme focusing on education, healthcare and humanitarian aid.

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We have one of the most experienced teams in Asia with a distinctive 24-year unbroken Asia private equity track record since 1991. Our first-hand experience of investing over 5 cycles of business and financial crises in Asia including the Asian Financial Crisis, SARS, and the Global Financial Crisis has enabled us to honed our ability to invest wisely while staying vigilant for potential downturns.+