At Houghton Street Partners, we believe in recruiting extremely bright young graduates and professionals from diverse backgrounds, on top of the traditional consulting and banking professions. Whether you are a sharp young analyst who has worked one or two years in leading management consultancy firms such as McKinsey, Bain, BCG or investment banks such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, a bright MD from medical schools such as Johns Hopkins, or a top military professional officer graduate from the US Military Academy at West Point, or a newly minted architect from architecture schools such as the Architectural Association – we welcome and value the diversity that you bring, because we are confident of bringing out the best of your talent as a young doctor or professional architect, and helping you evolve private equity investment skills around it as a buyout professional.


On our team, we have sportsmen, doctors, combat army officers – all young, smart and with great personalities. We believe in hiring people who have a sense of mission but who can balance that drive with social capital, people who can grow into our young diverse team. We value raw-processing power, but our people can also defuse a difficult situation with a sense of humour. It is easy to see why we require no prior private equity investment management experience, because with the background you bring, we can easily provide you with the “hardware” – the intensive fundamental skills in buyouts and leveraged financing – through our rigorous analyst and internship training programme for new hires and Family Office Interns. Finally we look for a genuine interest in philanthropy, in line with our ethos of integrated philanthropy alongside our private equity investing activities.

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Houghton Street Partners offers an exclusive 8 week attachment – the Private Equity Wealth Management Work Experience Programme – that not only provides practical, direct experience, but live project attachments as well. Coupled with formal classroom training to help develop fundamental wealth management competencies, the programme promises to groom a new generation of investors and fund managers.